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Freestampcatalogue.com (FSC) is our free world stamp catalogue with features as described below:

  1. Shows almost all stamps released between the 1920s and present.
  2. FSC is a simplified catalogue, which displays just sets and souvenir sheets. No booklet, minisheets, errors or special items.
  3. It is possible to search on country or topic. Also a combination with or without a period selection is possible.
  4. The catalogue is powered and updated by PostBeeld.com. In exchange PostBeeld prices are shown for stamps that are in stock. A button leads to the particular article on the PostBeeld.com site, where you can order the stamps. If you want to buy stamps, we advise you to use the PostBeeld site, which has more choice.
  5. For some countries FSC already list stamps from before 1920.
  6. FSC publishes some specialized catalogues on its website from 2012 on.
  7. Due to numbering rights, FSC only publishes Michel, Yvert, Stanley Gibbons, Scott and other numbers for items that are on sale. A growing number of stamps also show an FSC number (no matter if the item in on sale or not). Anyone can use FSC numbers, as long as they are mentioned in any correspondence. FSC numbers can be found on www.freestampcatalogue.com 
  8. We update the catalogue with new issues weekly.
  9. Freestampcatalogue is free for everyone to use.
  10. All new issues worldwide will be recorded (sometimes with some delay), with the exception of the issues from; Guinea Republic, Guinea-Bissau, Comores, Mozambique, Saint Thomas and Togo. These countries are banned by us for the time being in connection with the massive flood of (topical) issues with high face values, issued by an agency in Lithuania. As soon as these countries turn to more serious releases, we will record them again.

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