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We have physical stores in Haarlem and Leiden where you can collect your orders, get personal advice on how to build your stamp collection and browse through the many products that we have in stock.

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For more than 30 years PostBeeld has been selling stamps under the management of its owner, Rob Smit. Because of the great experience and knowledge built up over the years, we at PostBeeld feel we know what we are talking about, something you benefit from when buying rare stamps. We guarantee the authenticity and quality of all products offered on our webshop. If a product does not meet your expectations, you may return it with no questions asked. PostBeeld is a member of NVPH and IFDSA. We also have stores in Haarlem and Leiden where you can collect your orders.

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Large Choice

At PostBeeld you can choose from 500,000 different stamps which you can easily view sorted by country or topic. Do you collect stamps of a specific topic? Then you are certain to find what you're looking for in our topic lists, which contain 350 different subjects. Our stock changes rapidly. Almost daily we add hundreds, sometimes thousands, of new products to our stock. Beside stamps you'll also find handbooks, catalogues and other stamp and coin supplies.

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We are always available to answer your questions. We are happy to give you advice on how to build your stamp collection. As an extra service to you we publish a free world stamp catalogue on the internet. Via this catalogue you can also make a wishlist of items we don't have in stock at a particular time. Then, when those items are back in stock, you will automatically receive a notification email from us.

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New products

1967, Christmas, birds 4v

spn0123, Papua New Guinea, 1967

Mint NH

1970, Aviation 6v (2v+[+])

spn0179, Papua New Guinea, 1970

Mint NH

1970, ANZAAS congress 4v

spn0185, Papua New Guinea, 1970

Mint NH

1972, Reptiles 4v

spn0219, Papua New Guinea, 1972

Mint NH

1970, History 4v

spn0171, Papua New Guinea, 1970

Mint NH

1970, Birds 4v

spn0175, Papua New Guinea, 1970

Mint NH

1971, Primary industries 4v

spn0207, Papua New Guinea, 1971

Mint NH

1970, Art objects 4v

spn0189, Papua New Guinea, 1970

Mint NH

1971, Folklore, dance 4v

spn0211, Papua New Guinea, 1971

Mint NH

2007, Olympic Games 28 s/s

sgzp30735, Guinea, Republic, 2007

Mint NH

2007, Olympic Games 15 s/s

sgzp30735a, Guinea, Republic, 2007

Mint NH

1973, Interpol 2v

ssu0605, Suriname, Colony, 1973

Mint NH
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