Michel Overseas North-Africa volume 4-1 2021

Content:Egypt, Algeria, Ethiopia, Djibouti (with Obock, Franco-Somali Coast, Afar and Issa), Eritrea, Italian Colonies, Italian East Africa, Libya (with Tripolitania, Cyrenaica, Fezzan, Ghadamès), Morocco (with Ifni, Cape Juby , Tangier ), Somalia (with Somaliland, Djubaland), Spanish Sahara (with La Agüera, Rio de Oro), Spanish West Africa, Sudan, South Sudan and Tunisia.

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First new edition since 2016!Completely redesigned and updated with all price ratings review and many changesTreasure trove for classic and motif collectors with lots of exciting collecting areasMany new color images replace old black and white scans or illustrate the catalogs from scratch.Cataloging new products until MICHEL-Rundschau 5/2021Over 14,700 color images and approx. 64,000 price ratings

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