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Quality padded binder with slip case. Window on back, ringbinder mechanic attached to steel plate in spine. This binder can be used for Collectio blanco or cadred pages, Coin holder sheets (CH20), Kobra sheets, Leuchtturm Vario (Plus) pages, MOC pagesGeschikt voor Collectio blanco en kaderlijnbladen, 20-vaks munthouderbladen, Kobra bladen, Leuchtturm Vario (Plus) bladen, MOC bladen.

Main product: bco1 Manufacturer: Collectio
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Collectio Best Banknotes Album

  • Sturdy 4-rings binder
  • Padded cover
  • 10 transparent pages:
  • 1x page with 1 pocket
  • 2x page with 2 pockets
  • 5x page with 3 pockets
  • 2x page with 4 pockets
  • Incl. Slipcase
Main product: bcobest2400 Manufacturer: Collectio
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