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The black background provides a magnificent presentation for the precious First Day Covers. The leaves are made of transparent softener-free polypropylene. Each album has 12 black leaves with one or two compartments. The opening is on the interior short side, so that the covers cannot get a ???dusty edge???. Additional leaves are available from your supplier. PS II is available with ???First Day Covers??? in gold-colour lettering. Importa has two First Day Cover albums in its product range with three compartments per page. The leaves are made of a softener-free material and have a black background. Of course, these are made of a material that cannot stain your covers. Additional leaves for these albums are available from your supplier. It is also possible to order leaves with only one or two compartments per page. In the PS III de Luxe, the brass screws are incorporated in the inside and a matching slipcase is included at no extra cost.

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