Every first day of the month we hold an auction with unique pieces. Lots are added up to and including the 15th of the previous month and bidding is always possible from the 16th.
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Find the largest stamp catalogue online with PostBeeld. Here, you can order your collectable stamps directly online at low prices. We offer a personalized service, so if you have any questions, our specialists are there to answer any questions you may have. We also sell philatelic supplies , such as blank or topic albums and pages, magnifiers, protector mounts and many more!

Over 300 themes

Find over 300 different themes in the PostBeeld stamp catalogue right here online! You can filter by year, country, keyword, country, or condition and quickly find the collectable stamps that you have been looking for. Per item, you can then find whether that stamp is available as used or unused and in what condition it is.

Contact and information

At PostBeeld, we are always glad to assist our clients if they have any questions regarding our stamp catalogue that can be found online. You can direct your queries through the contact form and by sending an email to info@postbeeld.com, or speak to one of our experts free of commitment through phone number +31 (0)23-527 21 36. Take a look at our stamps