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Yvert Asia Far East 2015

Yvert Asia Far East 2015

  • Language: French
  • 1236 pages
  • Color printed
  • Softback
  • Size: 21x27cm


Contents: Annam and Tonkin, Canton (French colony), China, the Treaty ports, Central China, North China, Northeast China, East China, South China, Southwest China, Chinese Manchurian Provinces, Setchouen, Singkiang, Yunnan Japanese Occupation, Office, China (French colony), Cochin China, Korea (before 1905), North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, Hoi-Hao (French colony), Hong Kong, Indochina, Japan, Kiao Chou (German colony ), Kwang Chou (French colony), Macao, Manchuria, Mongolia, Meng Tzu (French colony), Pakhoi (French colony), the Philippines, Ryu Kyu, Shanghai, Chong Ch'ing (French colony), Yunnanfou (French colony)

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